Plastic bags and other frequently asked questions

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Plastic bags and other frequently asked questions

How to choose plastic bags and printed plastic bags to match ads are still the most interesting questions.Today, the demand for plastic bags is increasing, together with the industrial production of plastic packaging on a development. Plastic bags market is very diverse and rich that consumers are not confused when choosing from the plastic bag type matching purposes.

Grocery buble wrap plastic bag

Grocery buble wrap plastic bag

Here are 5 common questions revolve around plastic bags:

1. There are certain types of plastic bags and Differentiation of each type ?

Plastic bags are varied, but can be classified by broad categories:

– By identifying characteristics have all kinds : t-shirt bag( bag 2 straps), Die cut bags( bag straps stamping), zipper bags, bags roll( rolls), bag straps attached Die -cut …

– According to the material composition has the type : HDPE bags (plastic bag), bags, LDPE/LLDPE, PP bag/OPP

– The market has two kinds: cheap plastic bag( packaging markets) – senior plastic bags( for shops and fashion shops)

2. Plastic bags is the most reliable?

This is still a lot of questions and concerns of consumers. In fact, every kind of plastic bags (classified by material producers) will have its own strengths, its own mechanical strength, in particular:

– HDPE bags: excellent durability along well

– LDPE bags: horizontal stretch better reliability, flexibility

– PP bags: shiny surface, high hardness – no stretching the horizontal or vertical stretch, but prone to tearing when a puncture wound on the surface

Therefore, each bag has its advantages and is used in the private sector, specialized cargo containers . Example: PE will often shop for cosmetics, electronic components, medical…

3. Plastic bags as in the more durable?

In the production process of plastic bags, plastic particles will be mixed with some additives to add some special features for the pocket. So can affirm, creating clarity or turbidity is not a major influence on durability of plastic bags plastic. The adjustment durability – Full transparency can be done in Duc Kien Packaging, according to all requirements of the customers.

4. The effects of each type of plastic bag for each industry is what?

Plastic bag manufacturing industry is growing, the increasingly rich and varied, to meet all the needs in the market. These include a number of specific types of bags follows:

– Grocery bags: these bags cheap foam( material HDPE), clear plastic bags or multicolored

– Shopping bags: these bags Roll – pocket T -shirt high quality, glossy smooth, durable plastic( PE material commonly used)

– Bags for outlets and shop: Popular Die -cut type of bag straps stamping( rhombic) or attach straps. Sometimes also used T -shirt bags . Bags used in stores dealers often beautiful print design

– Garbage bags: black plastic bag Common 2 straps( material HDPE)

5. Choose any plastic bags to store food?

Bags of food were divided into 2 types:

– Bags of fresh food: can choose plastic bags made ​​of HD/PE/PP

– Bags of processed foods: should choose only plastic bags made ​​of PE

6. Preparation placed in plastic bags?

– First, we need to design or design requirements maket maket private – printed plastic bags

– Full size, thickness, material requirements

– Next, determine the number of color prints. Duc Kien Packaging offer up to 4 color printing on the maket 1 – rule 1 standard color scheme design beautifully printed plastic bags.

– Determine the number of bags to be printed. This is quite important, because a large number of bags will be more savings in costs gravure printing method

7. Choose cheap plastic bags really save money

You need to know about the nature of the cheap plastic bags, and the consequences of it causes in business and everyday life.

In addition, to ensure health and safety for consumers, we should choose plastic bags are manufactured from companies certified food safety of Departments food safety or municipal level on.

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