Stretch films wrap bedding after use

Technology Date: 13-09-2019 by: Nguyễn Cao Cường

Stretch films wrap bedding after use

Use stretch film to wrap blankets bed sheets and home furnishings furniture instead of the usual wrapped bags .Today, the interior is a very important element to creating beauty for each house. Given the diversity both in types and models helps us have more choices for home decoration style and personality. However, we also encountered a small problem, which is the preservation of them after use. Meanwhile, we will need a “tool” new stretch film.

Features of our country’s climate is complex seasonal, affect the longevity of the furniture in the family. But in fact, there are many furniture – furniture in the home only under certain seasons.

Such as sofas, blankets – buffer, or clothes … usually only cold storage for the winter; then, they should be stored carefully to avoid damage in the humid rainy season. Typically, families looking to buy all kinds of plastic bags or wrapped in cloth. Cloth bags with zippers, plastic bags are usually vacuum.

The advantage of these bags that can be reused many times.

But they have drawbacks:

– The price is quite high.

– In order to preserve the station – padded quilt best – looking wrap bags can vacuum

– Versatility poor: usually only used for blanket -ga – knee – cushion is shaped items fixed, hardly used for furniture such as sofas, mattresses and chairs … things come in many shapes different

– Fixed size: why you need to buy more to be able to fully wrap the interior furniture and family

– For upholstery cloth bag will easily torn or damaged during packaging, upholstery

One way of preserving other furniture – use stretch film

Stretch films commonly known as a food wrap film. Also in the industry, it is used to wrap pallets and packaging products.

To overcome the disadvantages of conventional wrap bags, stretch film is a very good alternative not only to wrap blanket pillow – cushion station but also to pack belongings and other household furniture.

Advantages when wrapped utensils, furniture by stretch film:

– With self- adhesive, self- adhesive surface up items, saving you the cost of the vacuum section.

– Reduce the time at work preserving your family’s belongings, especially Truthfulness – buffer station

– Versatility high, heat-stretch wrap can use household items such as sofas, mattresses and chairs swivel. Even wall paintings, photo frames family…

– Cheaper components, coated surface is diverse family belongings

– Can be used in packing when transporting, moving house… avoid scratching or damage.

Stretch films have wide application in food preservation (stretch wrap food), in packaging and shipment (pallet stretch wrap), in addition is also used stretch film; to wrap furniture, household furniture out and preserving them safe in the harsh weather of our country.

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