The steps put printing plastic bags

Technology Date: 13-09-2019 by: Nguyễn Cao Cường

The steps put printing plastic bags

The steps to take before placing printing plastic bags in Duc Kien Packaging.

Imagine, the logo and your company information printed on plastic bags beautiful and impressive, and millions of people will know about your brand, to help your business grow quickly. That was amazing.

It can be noticed that the plastic bags are items used most in society. Therefore the number of consumers accessing all kinds of plastic bags is extremely large. Since then, plastic bags are no longer merely conventional packaging. It was really effective marketing channel.

To better serve the needs of all print design of our customers plastic bags, Duc Kien Packaging  outlines the steps needed to prepare the following:

Step 1: Choose a plastic bag to be printed

Customers are fashion shops, retailers or grocery stores can choose from two popular types of bags are: T -shirt bags and bags Die cut.

Besides, you need to select materials required: HDPE / LDPE / LLDPE / PP / OPP . This will affect the quality of the plastic bags that you desire.

Step 2: Prepare the market

You can make available or required maket consulting and design in Duc Kien Packaging. This step is very important, because the market should be designed in accordance with the operation of your business. Depending on the market to determine tar mesh gravure printing.

Preparing the market

Preparing the market

Step 3: Provide parameters for printing bags

You need to provide the relevant parameters directly as:

– The number of bags to be printed: the first note that the number of printed bags larger the smaller printing costs. Duc Kien Packaging made ​​only on orders minimum amount under the agreement.

– Size bag: that the parameters of Length x Width x Thickness.

– Special requirements: the material the bag, the bag requires clarity, durability supple – Duc Kien Packaging can produce super-strong plastic bags (can packaging weighing capabilities up to 5 times the majority of bags allowed)

Step 4: Signing and implementing

The customers can go directly to the sales office at the Duc Kien Packaging:
at Co Loa Street, Bai Hamlet, Uy No Commune , Dong Anh Distict, Ha Noi City
Or contact via Hotline: ( 04 ) 3.2959429 – 09.1515.3535
Attached to all parameters in 3 steps . Customer support staff will advise and help you.

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