Duc Kien Packaging Co., Ltd is one of the pioneer companies in the field of producing – designing plastic packaging and industry packaging, especially designing and printing common plastic bags. Over 10 years of experience, Duc Kien Packaging Co., Ltd has been a partner of more than 5,000 domestic and foreign customers.

The mission of Duc Kien Packaging Co., Ltd is to create the best quality products in all the requirements of the customers. Consultancy support, designing freely and printing plastic packaging serve the needs of branding and corporate image.

Especially, Duc Kien Packaging Co., Ltd was granted Food Safety Certification. Meet the requirements of safety products for the food industry companies.

Duc Kien Packaging Co., Ltd provide services and plastic packaging products:

1. Producing, processing plastic packaging

– Main products:

+ Producing Roll plastic packaging products,…

+ Sponge plastic bag: garbage bag, grocery bag, shopping bag, plastic bag for agents,…

+ Plastic, PE, PVC, wrapped food and wrapped pallet shrink film…

+ Industry plastic packaging: producing liner bag for the paint, chemicals and food industry,…

+ Garments packaging: producing clothing bag, wrapped coat pocket comple – suits and shirts,…

+ Tape types: clear, colored tape, tape logo,…

– Outsourcing the production of embryos plastic packagi as required by the customers.

2. Consulting, designing and printing plastic packaging:

– Consulting the demand for products packaging solutions to customers.

– Designing products market to customers.

– Printing plastic packaging products in screen printing and copper pipe printing technology.

3. Supply and distribution plastic packaging products and materials

– Produced Plastic packaging products by Duc Kien.

– The imported plastic packaging products.

– Printed materials: copper pipe.

– Production materials: recycled plastic bead , primeval plastic bead.

Duc Kien Packaging Co., Ltd has adopted two main printing technologies: screen printing and copper pipe printing. With a team of technicians and skilled workers, we can print on any material, printing advertising plastic bags, designing & printing industry packaging.

With the system of modern machinery and factory, we always ensure commitment to quality products. The plastic packaging products that we supply are ISO9001 quality standards. And can meet all the needs of the customers.

Come with us to own the most perfect plastic packaging products with unbeatable price.

The customers just require plastic packaging products, we will have a specific price for delivery to customers.

Duc Kien Packaging Co., Ltd operates and provides plastic packaging products and services on a national scale and export.


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