PE stretch film wrapped products

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PE stretch film are used to wrap around the products and packages during the transport of cargo, stored in warehouses, especially used for packing export products to help protect intact parcels, which helps protect products against dirt, waterproof and avoid external agents compromised environments affect the quality of products.
Especially for metal products, the absolute help protect materials from the effects of the environment such as oxidation, corrosion, rust,… in weather conditions in the tropical monsoon in Vietnam.

Duc Kien Packaging Co., Ltd producing and distribution of high quality PE stretch film to market in the country.


– Anti dust on products.

– Waterproof.

– High toughness, wrap tighter cargo, cargo stable, without distortion products.

– Elasticity 300 % savings for each pallet wrapped film,  parcels.

– Helped by stronger products by characteristics of packaging.

– Helped by better products can see through the shrink film into the products.

– Stick well, film stick on products, the higher the quality of the other films on the market.

PE stretch film wrapped products

PE stretch film wrapped products

Duc Kien Packaging Co., Ltd producing stretch film at the request of the customers.

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